Estd. 1937


Rekandar Nageswara Rao
(Suarabhi Babji)


Padmasri Rekandar Nageswara Rao (Surabhi Babji)
Mr. Rekandar Nageswara Rao is the director, actor and a leader with lots of new ideas for the consolidation and purposeful continuity of the company. He is amiable and friendly with theatre groups outside the Surabhi fold and is known for helping others wherever he can.

Babji took the reins of the group in 1973 and he is successfully brought the troupe into the light where the world recognized the group. Besides, Rekandar Nageswara Rao (Babji) is also known to be an able instructor. He is also known for his administrative capabilities. He single handedly brought his group as one of the topmost companies and nurtured its destinies. His helpful nature and readiness to help the needy, both in Surabhi and outside Surabhi, earned him the name of benevolent manager.

He is famous for his performances Srirama in Lavakusa, Srikrishna in Mayabazar, Sri Maha Vishnu – Anasuya, Veera Brahmam in Sri Veera Brahmam gari Charitra, Nakshatraka in Harishnandra, Vengalaraya in Bobbili Yuddham, Karyavardhi in Balanagamma, Bhavanishankara in Chintamani, Jai Ram Singh – Rangoon rowdy(Social drama). Rekandar Nageswara Rao (Babji) directed the major plays Lavakusa, Srikrishna Leelalu, Veera Brahmam gari Charitra, Balanagamma and Jai Pathala Bhairavi. And he accompanied Padmasri B.V.Karanthji as Asst. Director for the play CHANDI PRIYA.

    Awards & Recognitions

  • Padmasri (2013 by Govt of India)
  • Kendra Sangeet Natak Kala Academy (2012 by Govt of India)
  • Padmasri (2013 by Govt of India)

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